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How do I create a backup copy?
Last Updated 5 years ago

You must always have at least two working USB-keys. They should not be stored in the same building, in case of a burglary (or fire).

Make sure the USB is FAT32 formatted, then it will work with both Linux, Windows and Mac OS

Do NOT try to make your own copy, by copying the files or by creating a diskimage. This will make the original stop working!

(Note 1: If you are using a previous corrupted USB, format the corrupted USB key as a FAT32 partition first!)
(Note 2: Activating a second USB will not affect your IMAP-key)

Login to our webmail,  go to Settings

2. Then go to Personal Information / Keys and Passwords

3. Scroll down to Activate USB

4. Then choose OK to make a working backup copy.

5. If you have already inserted your USB device please REMOVE it now and then click OK.

6. Please INSERT the new USB device and press OK.

7. If it looks like this it means that the USB-key was successfully activated!

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