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You can use Logicmail for older BlackBerry's (below OS 10), but Logicmail does not currently support PGP-encryption. If the email you want to read is encrypted, you will only be able to read the fields: From, To, Subject and Date. You can also send normal (non-PGP-encrypted) email with Logicmail.

NOTE: You need premium membership to be able to use our IMAP/SMTP server.

First you need to download and install Logicmail, then follow the guide below to add the Countermail-account.

1. Enter your details and choose Next
Account name: What name that is shown on the device
Your name: What name that is used when sending emails

2. Make sure that:
Username is your email-address.
IMAP server is
Security is SSL
Port is 993
Your password is not your regular Countermail-password. It is your IMAP-key. 
Please see below how to get your IMAP-key.

3. Make sure that:
SMTP server is
Security is SSL
Port is 465
Authentication is CRAM-MD5

4. These are options that you are free to choose whatever you like.

5. Choose Test Configuration to make sure that the settings are correct

6. If you something like this it means that the settings are OK
Choose Finish and you are done!

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