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Can I delete my private key from your server and store it on my own computer?
Last Updated 4 years ago

Yes, go to Settings /Preferences / Security & Keys and click on [Delete Privkey]. For security reasons you will get a window asking for your password, after you entered the correct password, you will be asked where you want to store your private key, select location and Save.

Saving the private key locally is a bit safer because you can have one password for your account and another for the keypair, however we only recommend this for advanced users because you shift all responsibility to yourself, you have to handle the private key backup by yourself and so on. Since Aug 2017 we don't recommend deleting the private key, because we increased our private key security in Aug 2017. Read more here

Keep in mind that if you lose your private key, all your email data will be lost. We can not re-create lost private keys. You will get this warning window before it's deleted:

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