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Windows Phone - add Countermail account
Last Updated 10 years ago

1. Slide left from this page

2. Scroll down and choose Settings

3. Choose email+accounts

4. Choose add an account

5. Scroll down and choose advanced setup

6. Enter your email address. In this tutorial we are using
Your password is not your regular Countermail-password. It is your IMAP-key.
Please see below how to get your IMAP-key.

7. Choose Internet email

Account name: What name that is shown on the device
Your name: What name that is used when sending emails
Make sure that
Incoming email server is: 
Account type is: IMAP4

9. Scroll down.
Make sure that:
Username is your email.
Outgoing (SMTP) email server is:

10. Scroll down 
Make sure that both "Outgoing server requires authentication and "Use the same username
and password for sending email" are checked and then choose advanced settings

11. Make sure that SSL is required for both incoming and outgoing email by checking both
These options below are you free to choose whatever you like:
Download new content: How often your device will search for new emails.
Download email from: How far back your device will download old emails.

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