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Add Countermail account to K-9 Mail
Last Updated 3 years ago

NOTE: You need premium membership to be able to use our IMAP/SMTP server.

This is how to setup your CounterMail-account on an Android device using K-9 Mail.
More info about K9 settings:

1. Start K-9 Mail by clicking on the icon.

2. Choose Next

3. Enter your email address. In this tutorial we are using

You must enter your main account name in the username field.
Your password is not your regular Countermail-password. It is your IMAP-key.
Please see below how to get your IMAP-key.

4. Choose IMAP

5. Make sure that:

Username is your main email-address.
IMAP server is
Security is SSL/TLS (always)
Authentication is Encrypted password (CRAM_MD5)
And then scroll down

6. Make sure that the Port is 993 and choose Next

7. Make sure that:

SMTP server is
Security is SSL/TLS (always)
Port is 465
Require sign-in is checked
Username is your main account name (email-address).
And then choose Next

8. The are settings that you can choose whatever you like.


First line: What name that is shown on the device
Second line: What name that is used when sending emails

To be able to encrypt/decrypt email you also need to install OpenKeyChain:

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