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Can I use my own domain with Countermail?

Yes, if you have your own domain, you can transfer all email handling to our server.
We can not host web pages for your domain (A-record), we can only host the email handling (MX-record) for your domain.

Our restrictions for using your own domain:

The price for using your own domain is a $10 one-time setup fee per domain.
If you want different logins (separate accounts with separate Inboxes and keys) you need to purchase one premium account per login. We have discounts if you buy 5 premium accounts (or more).

As a domain administrator, you can:

Domain-alias vs. Domain-user
A domain-alias is a anonymous forwarder to your Countermail account, you can both send and receive email from/to a domain-alias, but it shares the same Login-credentials and share the same Inbox and data, and if you add the domain-alias to your PGP-keypair, it shares the same keypair (optional).
You still login with your normal Countermail account-name. You can create unlimited with domain-aliases. Domain-aliases are free, no extra costs. You should read about the alias-limitations here:

A domain-user is a separate account under your own domain, the domain-user has its own login-credentials, its own Inbox, and its own keypair. It has no special limitations (as a domain-alias has). It's like a separate premium account. The first 7 days are free, then you need to pay for it, if you want to continue using it. You login with "yourname@yourdomain.tld"  and with its own password.

If you have a separate domain user, you must login with the full name: "" to our webmail.
If you only have domain aliases, you login as usual with your normal Countermail address.

DNS/Domain Setup instructions
Remember that you can't register domains through us, you must first do this through a domain registrator, we recommend Active-domain or Namecheap for common TLD names, for more unusal countries (TLDs), we recommend EuroDNS.

DNS MX record:
Before we can receive mail for your domain, you will need to configure the MX records. Mail Exchanger (MX) records are the part of DNS records which direct email to specific email servers. You can change these through your web host or domain registrars control panel. The MX records for CounterMail is:

Mail server name:
Priority level: 10

You should remove all other MX-pointers for your domain, only keeping the above. Changing the MX records will not affect your existing web hosting. It is not necessary to point other DNS records (e.g. A records) to a different IP address, or to transfer existing web hosting.

Please note that you must log out and log in once before the domain will be visible on your account.

These are the steps you need to do after the domain option purchase:
1. Log out from your Countermail account and log in again
2. Go to Settings / Identities and add all domain aliases you want on your domain
3. Login to your Domain registrar, and change the MX record in your domain registrars control panel*

*=sample pictures: ActiveDomain, GoDaddy, EuroDNS

Now you have to wait until the MX-change is finished on your DNS-servers, depending on the DNS-cache, it could take a several hours.
When the MX change is done, all emails will come directly to our server, it will not pass your domain registrator servers.

DNS TXT/SPF record:
You should also add a DNS TXT-record for your domain to avoid that your email ends up in recipients Spam/Junk folder. You add the DNS TXT-record in the same place you added your DNS MX record. Click on the FAQ link below to see how the TXT-record should look like:

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