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How do I pay anonymously?
Last Updated 5 months ago

Here are some alternatives:

ALT 1: Buy a prepaid VISA/Mastercard (it's called prepaid, not Giftcard)
NOTE! Before you buy such a card, make sure it's valid for international payments! The Nordic countries have a card called PayGoo, but other countries may have simliar cards. 7-Eleven sell these cards.
Then follow our normal card routine on Alt #4.
If you need to enter some email address during the payment process you can enter your member email address.
Never delete your member-alias until you have verified that your account was upgraded correctly.
It's only on the last step when you are back on our own page you should enter you main acount name

ALT 2: Use Bitcoin
Every of our order bitcoin payment address is unique and anonymous. Read more about bitcoin here:
You should follow or normal payment routine when paying with Bitcoin. Which means login to your account and click on "Premium services" button on the top. Then select Bitcoin on the order page. if your account already have expired you will be automatically redirected to the order page.
You will get all bitcoin instructions in an email (or on the screen if your account has expired). Your Bitcoin payment will be processed automatically one hour after it reached 5 confirmations on BlockChain.

Make sure you use a new Bitcoin-address each time you pay, do not re-use older addresses.
Never delete your member-alias until you have verified that your account was upgraded correctly.

ALT 3: Do a cash wire transfer (bank transfer)
Go to an exchanger or bank office that can do cash wire transfers, some examples:
Nordic countries - ForEx
USA - TravelEx
Many countries have similar exchangers. Usually, for smaller amounts you don't need to show any identification.

Information about our member-aliases (identites)
You automatically get a new random memberXXXX-alias/identity generated, you should keep the new member-alias for future payments.

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