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How do I deactivate/remove the USB-key?
Last Updated 5 years ago

You need a premium account to be able to activate/deactivate an USB-key. If you have activated several USB-keys to the same account, you need to have all keys available.

1. Login to your account

2. Go to Settings -> Personal Information and click on the button [Remove USB]. You will be asked to Remove your USB if it's already inserted

3. After a few seconds you will get this message:

4. "You have #X numbers of USB-keys activated. Do you want to remove this USB?"Insert the USB-key and click on OK

5. Insert the USB-key and click on OK

6. When it's finished you will get this message:

7. When it's finished you will get this message:"USB-key was removed!", this usually takes a few seconds

You will find the guide below with step by step images:

1. First go to Settings

2. Then go to Personal Information / Keys and Passwords

3. Scroll down to USB key

4. Select which USB you want to remove and then choose "Remove USB"

5. If you have several USBs activated you will receive notifications something like this (depending on how many you have activated)

6. Otherwise you will go directly here

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