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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I access my account while using proxy connection or VPN? (invalid session)  
  2. Can I change my username?  
  3. Can I create HTML emails?  
  4. Can I send mass-emails/newsletters with your service?  
  5. Can I use Countermail on my phpBB-forum?  
  6. Compose new email - Select multiple recipients  
  7. Compose new mail  
  8. Do you support POP3?  
  9. Email notifications  
  10. Extra storage space  
  11. How can I change my PGP-keypair (Public and Private key)?  
  12. How can I import mail from GMail/Hotmail/Yahoo/Hushmail?  
  13. How can we be sure Countermail is not cooperating with NSA?  
  14. How do I add an auto signature to my email?  
  15. How do I change the timezone?  
  16. How do I create a folder?  
  17. How do I customize the date format?  
  18. How do I decrypt emails and move them to another account?  
  19. How do I forward or save an HTML email?  
  20. How do I minimize Spam emails?  
  21. How do I move an email to a different folder?  
  22. How do I print an email?  
  23. How do I send an email?  
  24. How do I sort my Inbox?  
  25. How do I switch display layout? How do i change the email sort order?  
  26. How do you handle court orders? What information can you provide them with? Transparency Report?  
  27. How to change theme  
  28. How to import emails to Countermail using Thunderbird  
  29. How to register an account  
  30. Info about TOTP - an open Two Factor alternative  
  31. Terms of Use and Licenses  
  32. What happens to deleted email messages?  
  33. What is the difference between Cram-MD5/Encrypted Password and Normal Password?  
  34. What web browsers do you support?  

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