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How to register an account
Last Updated 4 years ago

From 2020-11-01 you need an invitation code to register. You can get them from any other friend that is using Countermail.

1. Go to and choose "Register" in the top menu

2. Read the Terms of Use and Licenses and then check the box that you Agree to the terms & Conditions. If you accept, then choose "Continue Registration".

3. Enter the desired Username and Password. Then choose "Register".

4. Move the mouse cursor inside the window to generate random numbers.

5. It can take a while to generate your keys (how long it will take depends on your CPU. If you have an older CPU it might take a little bit longer), please be patient.

6. Now choose OK.

7. Choose "Login" in the upper right corner on the page to login with your newly created account.

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