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Can I send mass-emails/newsletters with your service?
Last Updated 17 days ago

No, you can not use our service for large scale mass-emailing, mass-surveys, mass-inquiries, marketing or newsletters. When you registered your account with us, and using our service, you are in agreement with our Terms of Use.

Accounts that sends out Phishing-emails or Spam-emails will be disabled permanently. If you sometimes need to send mass-emails/newsletters, use an external mass-email service for such actions, like or or

If you violate our Terms of Use, your account will either get a warning or permanently closed directly. Usually we give one warning before we close any account. But if it is obvious that a specific account used our service to send out hundreds or thousands of any type of mass emails, that account will be closed down.

Unsolicited emails cannot be sent to an individual subscriber unless prior permission has been obtained or unless there is a previous relationship between the parties.

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