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Can I use Countermail on my phpBB-forum?
Last Updated 10 years ago

Yes but it's highly recommended that you only use this method for password resets and admin-related news(e.g new member-notification). Because phpBB supports CRAM-MD5 as authentication, which is required by Countermai, sol you can easily send forum mail from your Countermail-account. This method only works if your forum sends low amount of emails because there's a limit on how many emails you can send. Read more about the limitations here: 

1. First log in as admin on your phpBB board. On the admin index, go to "email settings" on the left menu.

2. Simply copy the settings as in the picture below. The SMTP password is your IMAP-key!
Read here how to find your IMAP-key.

Your SMTP-username must be your main Countermail-account name (email).

3. If you want to use an alias you can specify that by setting From, Reply-To, Return-Path and Sender as shown in the picture below.

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