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How can I change my PGP-keypair (Public and Private key)?

If you are experienced and have your own PGP tools, you can generate your own keys. Or you can follow this guide below:

Our keys are 4096 bit, and we accept self generated keys that are 2048 or 4096 bit.
The keypair must use one master key, for signing and verification only, and one subkey used for encryption (data & storage) only.

You must send us the keys to and it must be sent from your Countermail-adress, encrypted and signed with the old key.

Keep in mind that old emails will be unreadable in the webmail after the key change.

You can decide by yourself if you want to send us both the public key and the encrypted private key, or if you only want to send us your public key.

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 Last updated Sat, May 4 2013 01:00

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