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Can I access my account while using proxy connection or VPN? (invalid session)
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It depends on your connection, If your connection changes the IP-address after you logged in, you will be logged out with an "invalid session" message. This is done to prevent session hijacking. Below are some reasons and suggestions:

So If you get the error 'Invalid session!' or 'Session expired!, it could be caused by the following reasons:

1. Your IP-address changed since you logged in. This is deliberately done to prevent session hijacking and increase the security. So if you use some internet connection that is frequently changing the IP-address, you could get this problem, some VPN/proxy providers have a settings for this. For example TOR, which could change the setting of how often it should change the Exit node (and thus the IP address)

2. You right-clicked on a link/button and selected 'Open link in new tab' (inside our webmail interface). If you click normally on links or buttons you should not get this type of session problem.

3. You are already logged in with a Countermail-user in another tab, with the same web browser.

4. Your web browser security-settings blocked our webmail to set the localStorage variable.

5. Some web browser Add-on/Plugin is blocking or changes the localstorage variables

But it also exist bugs in the LocalStorage handling in several web browsers.

Our recommendation:
We recommend using a Mozilla Firefox based web browser, and after installation. Start Firefox.

1. Enter "about:config" in the top URL field. Click Yes, that you accept the risk.
2. Search for "" in the search field*.
3. Double click on it so it will be set to "true", the default is "false".

Restart Firefox. Now you should have much less problems with session errors.

* =NOTE: reference URL

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