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Can I access my account while using proxy connection or VPN? (invalid session)
Last Updated 5 years ago

It depends on your connection, If your connection changes the IP-address after you logged in, you will be logged out with an "invalid session" message.

This is done to prevent session hijacking. If you surf through the TOR network, it will cause problems since it is could change your IP-address while you are logged in.  You can disable the IP-session lock, however it's not recommended, since your session security protection will be weaker.

If you use VPN, make sure that your VPN does not block Java, you can test your java here:

How to disable the IP-session lock:
1. Login to your webmail
2. Click the topmenu Settings button, then click on the title "Personal Information / Keys and Passwords"
3. Scroll down to the part where it says "Session settings" in the subtitle.
4. Uncheck "[x] Lock session to IP-address"
5. Click the [Save] button.
6. Logout

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