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What happens to deleted email messages?
Last Updated 3 years ago

If you delete an email it will be moved to your Trash folder, this is the default setting, this behaviour can be changed under Settings / Folder preferences by checking: "[x] Bypass trash as default". A message that bypassed the Trash, or that was purged from the trash, is deleted permanently.

We have a 3 days rotating backup, our backup script runs at night. This means that 3 days is the maximum time a deleted email message can end up in our backup. But if you delete the email before midnight the message will not be stored in any backup at all. A messages that is deleted/purged from the trash will also be deleted directly.

We can not restore a specific email or a specific account. If you delete an email and empty the Trash, the email is gone. The only time we will use our backup is if our server crashes, for example damaged hard drives.

The backup is stored on a server in another country (outside Sweden), the backups are stored on an encrypted hard drive. This means that if someone steals our backup server, they will not find anything.

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