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How do I decrypt emails and move them to another account?
Last Updated 3 years ago

This needs to be done on a Windows computer.
(if you dont have a Windows computer, we are working on another solution)

1. First you need to install Thunderbird Legacy + Enigmail (see our other guides)
Thunderbird portable Legacy

Instructions on how to setup your account in Thunderbird, scroll down to the bottom part:

2. Create all local folders in Thunderbird.

3. Setup a Message filter in Thunderbird, see the picture below how the message filter should look like. It's located under the Tools menu -> Message filter

Click on the image for a larger picture

Follow numbers #1 to #10

4. After the decryption is done, setup your new account in Thunderbird.
Use Thunderbirds Copy-feature to copy the emails from the local folders to the new account folders.

Keywords: decrypt move account

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