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Can I send email from a local client like Thunderbird, Outlook or Apple mail?
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Yes, you can if you install a PGP plugin. You need premium membership to be able to use our IMAP/SMTP server.

We recommend Mozilla ThunderBird. Thunderbird is an email client that works both for Windows, Mac and Linux.
You can download it here:

Apple Mail
You must install GPGTools:
The server settings for IMAP/SMTP on Apple Mail are the same as you can find further down on this page under General settings.
Click here for a guide with pictures

Microsoft Outlook
Outlook uses the same settings as Thunderbird, as you can find further down on this page under General settings. Two things that differs is the Auth-type and IMAP-key. The Auth-type is Plain/Normal (non-encrypted password) and the Password (IMAP-key) is a plain text key that you must contact us to get. Regardless of which Outlook you have, you must install Gpg4win to be able to send/read encrypted email.
For Outlook 2010-2013, you must also have this plugin:
Click here for a guide with pictures

Mozilla ThunderBird instructions
You must first install Enigmail and GnuPG plugins to Thunderbird.
Click here for a guide with pictures (OS X)
In ThunderBird, go to the Tools menu -> Account settings -> Account actions -> Add account, enter your name and email address, but do not enter your "password", click [Continue], click [Manual config], then see the following picture for IMAP settings:

We also recommend using character encoding UTF-8 in Thunderbird:
Go to Tools menu -> Options -> Display -> Formatting -> [Advanced] under Character Encoding, change Outgoing & Incoming Mail to Unicode (UTF-8). Click Ok and Ok again.

Export & Import your keys into EnigMail
  1. Login to our webmail interface. Go to Settings / Security & Keys
  2. Click [Show IMAP/SMTP keys] and enter your password (the keys will now be exportable)
  3. Click [Download Privatekey] and save it on your computer, default filename is "privkey.asc"
  4. Click on Public Keys in the left meny, Click on the refresh button (Fetch from server) located on the bottom row. Click on the export button (Export public keys), save the file (pubkeys.asc) on your computer
  5. From ThunderBird, go to menu OpenPGP -> Key management
  6. From Key management window, menu File -> Import keys from file, browse to your local "pubkeys.asc" file
  7. From Key management window, menu File -> Import keys from file, browse to your local "privkey.asc" file, you will now be asked for a password, use your normal password
General IMAP and SMTP settings and information (you need a premium subscription to find these):
Incoming IMAP-server:Outgoing SMTP-server:
IMAP: imap1.countermail.comSMTP:
Auth type: Cram-MD5 (Encrypted password)Auth type: Cram-MD5 (Encrypted password)
Security: "SSL/TLS" on port 993Security: "SSL/TLS" on port 465
Username: (lowercase)Username: (lowercase)
Password: your IMAP-key* (not your password)Password: your IMAP-key* (not your password)
Picture with the settingsPicture with the settings

*Your IMAP-key can be found under Settings / Preferences / Security & Keys by clicking [Show IMAP/SMTP keys], you can then copy and paste it into the account settings. The IMAP-key is always 32 characters long.

If you change your password, or activate a USB key, a new IMAP-key will be generated and you need to update the password-field with the new IMAP-key, in all your external mail clients, like Thunderbird or mobile devices.

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