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Can non-CounterMail users verify my signature?
Last Updated 4 months ago

Yes, to verify such email, it always possible to do it manually (for non-CounterMail/non-PGP users), they can do it like this:
1. Visit
2. In the public key-field, paste the senders public key, which you either got on another platform, or searched for it (we also have PGP-key search feature on our Tools-page)
3. Paste the entire signed message in the Message-field.
4. Click "Verify signature" and see the result.

This will assure non-CounterMail users that the message originated from the true owner of the indicated CounterMail address. It will also assure that the message contents have not been modified during transmission.

Many PGP apps already do this automatically, for example our Webmail interface, and many other PGP apps, like the Thunderbird email client for computers, Canary Mail for iOS, K9 for Androids etc.

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