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How do I add an alias?
Last Updated 4 years ago

It is not possible to add an alias that someone is already using. It must be unique.
If you are using your own domain you can use any alias you want under your domain

1. Click on Settings
2. Click on Identities
3. Click on the + button
4. Enter your alias name*
5. Click on the Save button

* for example: ""
if you have bought the domain option you can enter your own domain instead of ""

The alias should now be visible on in the middle list, where you can see all your aliases.

If you want to add your alias to your public key, click on Public Keys in the left menu, click on your own account name in the middle list (the only one marked green). Click on the button "Edit aliases in Keyring", and check/mark which aliases that should be visible in your public key.

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