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Can a Hushmail or Cyber-Rights user send secure email to a CounterMail user?
Last Updated 11 years ago

Yes, but you must upload your public key to the Hush Key Server Network. See video on image

1. Login to your CounterMail account and go to [Settings] -> Personal Information
2. On the Publickey row, copy the whole publickey text in the right column (see this example)
3. Go to
4. Click on Key Management in the upper right meny
5. In the left menu, click on the option Upload a public key
6. Paste your public key in the text box indicated
7. Click on the dropdown box which says [Click here to check...] to select a UserID for your public key. Select your @countermail email, if you also want to use your address you should repeat step 1-10 after you're finished with the @countermail email.
8. Click on the button [Click here to upload your public key]
9. You will shortly receive an email confirming upload of the public key. The instructions in that email must be followed.
10. The key will then be activated, and any email sent to you by a Hushmail user will automatically be encrypted.

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