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How can I create my own spam filter?
Last Updated 5 years ago

If you want to automatically move certain emails to your Spam/Junk-folder, do this:

1. Go to Settings / Filters

2. In the second column called 'Filter sets', click the first file-set, usually called 'managesieve' or 'phpscript'

3. In the third column called 'Filters', click on the '+' button, which is located at the bottom of the third column.

4. In the 'Filter definition' column, in the Filter name field, enter 'My spamlist' as the name (or whatever name you want)

5. Check the 'matching any of the following rules'

6. Click on the small '+' button at the far right, select 'From' in 'contains' in the following select boxes. Then enter the email address or the domain that you want to move to your Spam-folder. You can repeat this step until you have entered all the senders that you want.

7. In the "execute the following actions". Select "Move message to" -> "Junk"

8. Click on the 'Save' button which is located at the bottom in the right column

See the picture below for the example settings.
If you later want to add/remove new domains to your spamlist, you cant just modify your 'My spamlist' rule.


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