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How do I delete my account?
Last Updated 3 years ago

Free Trial accountsIf you have a free Trial account, it will be deleted automatically after 12 months.
You can NOT delete a free Trial account on demand. This is because we want to reduce the risk of false PGP-key exchanges
or user identification.

But with a free Trial account you can do this
If you have free Trial account do this, delete all emails in your Inbox and other folders, then click on the Trash folder, then click
on the "Folder actions" button Folder action located in the left bottom area. Click on "Empty Trash". Then click on the Contacts button,
which is located in the upper right area. On the Contacts-page click on the "More actions" button,located in left bottom area, and
click on "Delete Group". Now you have deleted as much as you can from your Trial account, which is basically everything.

Paid premium accountsIf you have a premium account (paid account), do this:
1. Login to your webmail account (you must login with our webmail interface)
2. Send a signed and encrypted email to with the following text:

"I want to permanently delete my account "" and all its contents.
I understand that this action is permanent and irreversible."

In the text above, change the "" to your own account name.

NOTE: You must send the email from your Countermail-account, and the email must be encrypted.
You can only request direct(1) account removal for paid & active premium accounts. If you have a free Trial account you
have to follow the routine described at the top, if you still send email requests for removal of free Trial accounts, we will
permanently store the account, instead of remove it.
(1)=removed within 24h, this include emails and contacts and all other info we have in our database for your account.

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