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Can I send encrypted email to anyone using CounterMail?
Last Updated 4 months ago

Both Yes and No, sending encrypted email is easiest between two CounterMail users. When email is sent between CounterMail users, the encryption is seamless and exactly like regular email use.

If you send email from a CounterMail account to a regular email account, like Hotmail, the text will not be encrypted, but it will still be digitally signed with your public key and your IP-address will always be anonymous. You can send regular email to any email address.

If you want true end-to-end security, the recipient must have a PGP-keypair, and you need his/her public key. You can not send encrypted email to a recipient that does not use PGP.

If you want to send encrypted email outside Countermail, you must first import his/her public key.

You can read more about public key cryptography here:

You can read more about PGP here:

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