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How do I get an Invite code ? (Invitation code)
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The registration now requires an invitation code. All premium Countermail users will get a certain amount of invite codes that they can share with other people. At the moment, our requirements is that you already know someone that is using Countermail (1). So right now, is like a gated community, however we don't care about your skin color or your political view :) As long as you have an invite code and follow our Terms of Use, you are welcome!

Note (1) = If you don't have any Countermail account, you need someone you know already using Countermail to send you an invite code. If you don't know anyone using Countermail, you have to wait if/when we open up the registration again, we cant say any date for that. We also have a limited amount of users that can get an invite through another alternative, read about it at the bottom on this page.

Where can I find my Invitation codes?

Note ! = this requires that you already have an account.
All premium users can find them under Settings / Preferences / Invitation codes, where they also can send an invite code (directly) to any person you know. The way to give someone an invite one code is to send one to their current email, you enter their current email and then click on the [Send]-button, in the right window under Settings / Preferences / Invitation codes.

After they registrated, the email you sent the invite code to will be overwritten with the Countermail account address they registrated, so the only email connection we store is within Countermail. For example: '' -> (invited) ''. '' registers '', then
'' will be removed and replaced with '', so no external email addresses will be saved after registration. We can only see that '' invited ''. After 6 months the who invited someone will also be removed from the Invite-database.

An invite code can only be used once. It's 32 characters long, so its practically impossible to 'guess' or bruteforce an invite code.

You can not send invite codes to other countermail users, but you can send one code to yourself, your main account name.

How many invite codes does each premium user get?

Note ! = this requires that you already have an account.
You will get invitation codes depending on the subscription length you bought, and your account registration date (the age of the account). We will add one invitation code per year, counting from the registration date for your account, plus the subscription length you bought, see below:
6 months = 2 invitation codes
12 month = 4 invitation codes
24 month = 6 invitation codes

For example, a member which has been registrated for 3 years (3 year old account) and have a 12 months subscription will initially get a total of 7 invitation codes, to give away.
The invitation codes are not premium subscriptions, they will only make it possible to register new Trial accounts (that later can be upgraded to premium)

Another alternatives to get in queue for Invitation codes

Edit: We have a long queue so it may take a long time to get invite codes in other ways than the main way, that another Countermail user gives you one invite.

We will not take on more than 20k users. So we have a queue for the invites. Sometimes, old Countermail-accounts do not pay their renewal, such accounts will be automatically deleted after 24 months. And then we get room for new users. Since we opened in 2010, it's some accounts every week that gets deleted (following the removal-rules we wrote above). There is no idea in sending several invitecode requests, this will just move down your request to the bottom of the Invite-queue. The reason for having a maximum limit of 20k users, is that we don't want to take on more users that we can handle; both for tech support reasons and funding reasons, we dont want to get dependent of any third party company for funds. Many secure email providers are actually dependent on funds from third party companies.

We believe that an independent company has more ways to control the whole company and the company policy, one reason is that we are not required to hire people from any big fund raiser, and we are not required to follow some special requirements created by a fund raiser.

If you get hold of an Invite-code our, registration page is here:

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