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How do I get an Invite code ? (Invitation code)
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The registration now requires an invitation code. All premium Countermail users will get a certain amount of invite codes that they can share with other people. At the moment, our requirements are that you need to know someone that is already using Countermail. So right now, is like a gated community, however we don't care about your skin color or your political view :) As long as you follow our Terms of Use, you are welcome!
There are also two other options to get Invitations codes, read further down about that.

Where can I find my Invitation codes?

All premium users can find them under Settings / Preferences / Invitation codes, where they also can send an invite code (directly) to any person you know. The easiest way to give someone an invite one code is to send one to their current email, you enter their current email and then click on the [Send]-button,

After they registrated, the email you sent the invite code to will be overwritten with the Countermail account address they registrated, so the only email connection we store is within Countermail. For example: '' -> (invited) ''. '' registers '', then
'' will be removed and replaced with '', so no external email addresses will be saved after registration. We can only see that '' invited ''.

It's also possible to use copy and paste to share an invite code through another communication, if so make sure the communication is encrypted, like an encrypted chat or whatever method you like. You can see all your invite codes under Settings / Preferences / Invitation codes. An invite code can only be used once. It's 32 characters long, so its practically impossible to 'guess' or bruteforce an invite code.

How many invite codes does each premium user get?

You will get invitation codes depending on the subscription length you bought, and your account registration date (the age of the account). We will add one invitation code per year, counting from the registration date for your account, plus the subscription length you bought, see below:
6 months = 2 invitation codes
12 month = 4 invitation codes
24 month = 6 invitation codes

For example, a member which has been registrated for 3 years (3 year old account) and have a 12 months subscription will initially get a total of 7 invitation codes, to give away.
The invitation codes are not premium subscriptions, they will only make it possible to register new Trial accounts (that later can be upgraded to premium)

Two other alternatives to get Invitation codes

1. If you have a Company with its own URL you can send a request to invitation[a] with the Domain name to your home page. If we can verify your URL and domain, and that it looks legit and ACTIVE we will send you an invitation code, we are talking about company owners, not simple inactive blog pages. We do not accept that someone put up like a temporarily page just for our verification, It's easy to check with google how serious and how long history the domain has. We will only answer regarding invitation codes if your company/homepage is legit, and has a history, some incoming links is also required. We will answer within 48h if we found your company Domain legit. The easiest way is still of course to find someone that is already using countermail that can send you an invite code.

If you own a premium/paid Protonmail account you can also send an email to invitation[a] to get an invite code. But you must prove that your Protonmail account is a paid (premium) type. You can do that by importing our PGP-key for invitation[a] and send the request from their webmail interface, encrypted to our email invitation[a] The email MUST be sent from their webmail interface. So you must first import our public key, you can download it from here:
We will answer you within 48h.

Our registration page is here:

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