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Decrypt - OpenPGP für Windows
Last Updated 10 years ago

In this tutorial we have have saved our private and public key saved on a sd card that we have in our phone. 
We have also copied the entire body text from the mail that we decrypted.

1. Slide left from this page

2. Open OpenPGP für Windows

3. Go to "more" down in the right corner

4. Choose Settings

5. Go to your key-page

6. Go to "more"

7. Choose import from sd card

8. Choose your public and private key.

9. Now go back to the first page and go to the decrypt page.

10. Paste your email that you have received and choose decrypt.

11. Enter your Passphrase (your Countermail-password) and choose OK.

12. Now you should be able to read your email.

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