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What limits do you have on free Trial accounts?
Last Updated 4 years ago

  • They will work for 10 days, after this period expires, and if you want to continue using our service, you need to buy a premium account.
  • They can only send & read emails from other secure email providers and VPN providers. for example, they can not send/read email to Gmail, Hotmail, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other company emails. You can only send/read emails from other secure email providers and most VPN providers
  • They have a 100 MB storage limit (premium accounts have 4 GB as default)
  • They have a 3 MB attachment size limit (premium accounts have a 32MB limit)
  • They can't be installed in third party email clients, for example on a mobile device
  • They can't be used as a validation emails for registration on other service providers (if you upgrade it, it will of course work as validation email, which sometimes is called "secondary email")
  • At the moment, you need an invitation code to be able to register. Read more here.
We had to limit the free Trial accounts this way to prevent abuse from spammers. If we had open them up more, our
email service would not exist for long, and our servers would be blacklisted. We are one of the oldest secure email provider in Internet, we started our service between 2009-2010, so it's more than 10 years. During these years we learned what works or not. Unfortunately there are people out there that abuse secure email providers,like us. Because we don't log IP-addresses and we don't track our users. As a provider, either you choose to run an anonymous/secure service or not, we chose to run an a service that provide security and anonymity for our users. For example if we opened up so Trial accounts could read Facebook emails, then the evil/stupid people would register thousands of Facebook-accounts. But there are many,many other reasons that we had to limit the Trial accounts this way.

We have also added the requirement for an Invite-code, so at the moment, our requirements are that you need to know someone that is already using Countermail. This person can send you an Invite code (or give you it some through some other communication method, like a chat).

The Invite-codes is under Settings / Preferences / Invitation codes. Read more here.

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