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TAILS - Claws Mail
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NOTE: You need premium membership to be able to use our IMAP/SMTP server
You also need to register the account and get the keys first on a computer that have Java, then you can use TAILS.

1. In this tutorial we will show how to setup Claws Mail on TAILS.

2. Enter the fields for name and email address. In this guide our email we are using is: Then choose Forward.

Server type: IMAP
Server address:
Username: your email-adress (for instance that we are using in this tutorial)
Password: Your IMAP-key which you can find by following this guide
Make sure "Use SSL to connect to receiving servers" is enabled. Then choose Forward.

SMPT server (send):
Make sure that "Use authentication" and "Use SSL to connect to SMTP server" are enabled. Then choose Forward

5. Choose Save

6. Choose "Accept and Save"

Now go to "Passwords and Encryption Keys" to import your public- and private key. 
System -> Preferences -> Passwords and Encryption Keys
You can find your public- and private key by following this guide

8. Choose File -> Import to import your keys.

9. Choose your private key and then click on Open. In this tutorial we have saved our private key on a USB-drive.

10. It should now look something like this.

11. Make sure that you have the PGP-plugins installed.
Configuration -> Plugins

12. It should look something like this.

13. Now you should be able to receive and decrypt emails using Claws Mail on TAILS.

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