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How it works
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First you must log in to our web server ( Then you write an email to your friend and press Send. Now your text (email-body) will pass thru the CounterMailEngine (on your computer) and there it will be encrypted with OpenPGP using your friends public key. Your web browser will then send the email to our web server thru the SSL protocol.

Our web server will then save the encrypted mail to our mail server. Our web server does not log any IP-addresses, to increase the security and to prevent our web server from leaking IP-adresses to a hard drive, we run them only from CD-ROM disks.
The next time your friend logs in to our web server he/she will see a new mail in the Inbox, when he/she clicks on the new mail, the web server will read it from the mail server and send it thru SSL to your friends computer, the CounterMailEngine on your friends computer will then decrypt the mail body with your friends private key and display the clear text on his/her computer screen.

The diskless web server is a unique security feature, it will prevent IP-addresses leaking to a hard drive, if someone "steals" the web server they will find nothing. The diskless web server is used as a filter to our mail servers. Our mail server uses hard drives to store the encrypted messages, but remember that all messages stored on our mail server is already encrypted at the client side (on your computer). Your computer will never have any contact with our mail servers, only with our diskless web servers.

You can also read more about the USB Key option here

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