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I have forgotten my password, can you help me?
Last Updated 5 years ago

If you forget your password or username, we can't recover your email and the account is lost. We can't reset passwords because we use end-to-end security*.

If you have deleted the private key from our server and you lose your private key, your account is also lost. When/if you delete the private key from our server, you have the responsibility to keep a backup of the private key.

We provide information about this in both our Terms of Use and inside the Welcome-email which everyone gets. If you change your account password you will also be reminded about this fact.

If you have a premium account and lost your password but remember your username, we can transfer your premium services to a new account. If you want this, you must first register a new Trial account (your old emails can not be transferred to the new account).

We will not delete a specific account so you can re-register the same account name. The reason for this is that we can't verify that you are the original owner of a specific account. Accounts will be deleted as usual, see this FAQ:

Keep in mind that our service is focused on privacy and security. So you can't compare our service directly to normal "unsecure" email providers.

*=In theory we could "reset" the password, but all your email will still be unreadable, because it will be impossible to locate and decrypt your private key, and because we can't verify who the original account-owner is, the account is lost if you forgot your password.

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