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What happens if I loose my USB, or if the USB is broken?
Last Updated 4 years ago

You will be unable to log in on your account. If you don't have a correct backup, your account is lost!

We can NOT deactivate your USB by ourself, the USB-keyfile is merged with your password and sent into a cryptographic hash function, the hash sum is then used as a key to encrypt most of your data. It's mathematical impossible for us to reverse this.

So you MUST do a second activation (or do a backup of the "keyfile.dat") directly after you have activated the first USB. The default filename is "keyfile.dat", this is the file that you should keep a backup copy of.

If you lose one USB, or one becomes corrupt AND you still have a second one working, you can login and go to Settings / Security & Keys and activate a new USB.

You must always have at least two working USB-keys. They should not be stored in the same building, in case of a burglary (or fire).

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