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Where can I upgrade my account or buy premium services?
Last Updated a year ago

First you must register a Trial account.

Login to your account, click on "Add premium services" in your upper left button

If your account has expired you will see the upgrade link under the Login window.

You can also use this link to upgrade your account:

When you buy premium subscriptions, your premium time will be added to your account expire date, you can find the expire date under Settings / Account info. If your expire date is older than then renewal date, the premium time will be added to the renewal date instead.

You will be notified, by email, of a pending expiration 10 days before your account's expire date. A second email will be sent to you 3 days before the expire date.

  1. First you select the length of the subscription you want (you can always extend it later)
  2. Select your payment method (read here) . You can read all about payments here
  3. Then you click [Next Step >>]

NOTE: PayPal payments has been replaced with Stripe.

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