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How to open an attachment with K-9 Mail and APG
Last Updated 9 years ago

This guide shows how to open an attachment on your Android device using K-9 Mail and APG.
Note: You need a file browser app installed

1. Choose Show attachments

2. Choose Save on the attachment you want to open (NOTE: select the attachment with the extension .pgp and not .sig).

3. Open your desired File Browser app and go to the location where the attachment was saved.
Choose your attachment

4. Choose Decrypt (you can also check the Delete After Decryption box if you want to the delete the encrypted file)

5. Enter your Private Key password (it should be your Countermail-password if you haven't made any changes).

6. Select where to save the decrypted attachment and choose OK

7. Now go to the location where the decrypted attachment is stored

8. Now you should be able to open the attachment.

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