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How to minimize spam emails?
Last Updated 4 years ago

The most important thing to avoid spam is to never publish your email in clear text. You can test this, Google your own email "" or "" if Google can find your email or alias then you will also get a lot of spam emails from spam robots that will index your email.

If you want to publish your email you have some alternatives:
- As an image, create an image that displays your email address - Spambots are always searching for the "@" character, if they find it, your email will be caught, change the @ to another character, do not use common replacements like (a) or [a] or {a}, Spambots will recognize these and convert them. Here are some better alternatives: ©, (æ), (&) , (ø), [à], ® or Ø. - Obfuscate your email text, some examples:
- With HTML codes: at the bottom you have "Email obfuscator"
- With javascript:
- If your page allows javascript, you can combine the methods get an almost "unbreakable" spam bot-protection.

If you have your own homepage, do not use the HTML feature "mailto:" because spam robot will read this and produce a lot of spam to you.

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